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Bulk Vanilla Paste

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Indulge in the rich and bold taste of our Bulk Vanilla Paste. Each batch is carefully crafted by infusing vanilla beans into a luscious syrup of sugar and water, resulting in a warm and woody aroma that will elevate your baking and cooking. Experience the classic vanilla taste like never before.

Amount: 1 lb

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Certified gluten free
Paleo friendly
Non GMO verified
Dairy free
Keto friendly

Brown sugar, water, pure vanilla extract, vanilla bean,
tragacanth gum, xanthan gum, citric acid

Product Benefits

Vanilla extract provides a natural, aromatic flavor and potentially offers antioxidant properties, enhancing the taste and aroma of various culinary creations such as cakes, cookies, and custards.

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How to Enjoy

Can be used to add vanilla flavoring to a variety of recipes, from ice cream, to frosting, to sauces, to cakes and other baked goods

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